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Whodunnit Mysteries is murder mystery games and parties, as well as non-murder mystery games, parties, and dinners. 

Whodunnit Mysteries offers nearly 20 different live-action role playing (LARP) mystery game kits for parties of up to 50 people.  Some of our detective games include costume parties, Civil War era mystery games, cruise ship mystery parties, haunted house mystery games, spy themed mystery parties, parties about jewel thieves, mystery games for teens and tweens, choose your own ending mystery parties, persons with disabilities, science fiction, and so much more!

Our role playing mystery dinner parties are a great idea for fundraising parties, team building activities, birthday party games, slumber party games, family reunion games, high school reunion games, mystery dinner parties, Halloween parties, summer camp games, and, of course, just an excuse to get together with your friends for no apparent reason and just play a fun game!

Our role playing (LARP) mystery games are G-rated and designed for light-hearted, wholesome entertainment for groups of 8-50 people. Anyone from pre-teens to adults can play them and we think have fun doing so. You might want to check out our feedback to see what our customers have to say.

We're confident once you play one of our games, you'll be back for more. Your friends will love your party and never forget it!


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Mystery Game Suggestions

Death Leaves on Track 13 is set in the 1900's and is filled with delightfully wacky and witty spies galore!  Enjoy the ride as you travel all over Europe trying to catch the murderer before you have to get off the train!  Enjoy this detective murder mystery party!

Death leaves on track 13 murder mystery spy detective dinner party game

Camp Run A Muk all girls games and mystery party kits

Love mystery games, but need a reason to play? Have no fear, Whodunnit Mysteries is here! Our customers have used our G-rated mystery games for many different parties, but below are some ideas for different mysteries:

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